Down East Engineering: the art of science
Down East Engineering: the art of science
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Down East Engineering: the art of science

A Collection of Items for Public Use

Microsoft Word AutoCorrections macro for Bahá'í terms

This document contains an English version Microsoft Word AutoCorrections macro for Bahá'í terms. Its sole use is to provide a way for MS Word users to update their AutoCorrect spelling list for Bahá'í terms. MS-Word-AutoCorrect-Bahai-Terms-EN-2008-01-08.doc

Eudora mailbox message extractor for SpamCop

The following files address the issue of extracting individual e-mails from a Eudora mailbox and preparing them for shipment to SpamCop for processing. There are two sets of zipped files:  one with VBA code embedded in a Word document and in an Excel document, and the other containing an executable program produced with Borland's Delphi Version 7 complier. The Delphi zip file contains the complete project; the source is released to the public domain in the interest of combatting spam. In both instances, the code extracts the e-mails and creates individual files with names such as _spamcop_1.scx which are then sent to SpamCop as attachments. The Delphi program goes further by emptying the spam mailbox, _spam_.mbx and initializing the spam mailbox TOC file. To use the programs, copy incoming spam to a Eudora _spam mailbox, run the extractor of choice, and send the e-mail attachments to SpamCop. The Delphi program will create an ini file in its directory that contains the directories of the Eudora mailbox and the location where you want the SpamCop files written.

I have created a Eudora stationery file that is pre-addressed to SpamCop and contains the names of 9 sequentially numbered _spamcop_x.scx files; it is easy to then generate the e-mail to SpamCop and remove any references to unused attachments. This obviates the need to use the file manager to select the files and attach them to the SpamCop e-mail.

All of these programs are offered without warranty for fitness of any kind. I will update this web page with additional information if I get questions about the code.