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Down East Engineering: the art of science
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Down East Engineering: the art of science
These zip files contain Delphi V4-8 curve fitting test platforms with two methods of curve fitting.

The first method is of Allen Miller's Curve Fitting routine (from: the book "Pascal Programs For Scientists And Engineers", typed and submitted to MTPUG in Oct. 1982 by Juergen Loewner, and corrected and adapted for Turbo Pascal by Jeff Weiss.

David J Taylor updated these routines to work with Delphi 4's open array parameters. which allows the routine to be generalized so that it is no longer hard-coded to make a specific order of best fit or work with a specific number of points.

David J Taylor, Edinburgh
2003 Jun 12
Web site:
davidtaylor at

Richard Kavanagh (r.kavanagh at kindly supplied a C++ version which is included as the archive

The second method was developed by Richard Messeder in the mid-1980s in PL/I running under MVS/XA as a tool to model dose-to-Curie calculations.

This method is ported to VB, Pascal and C++. The VB method is available in an MS Excel spreadsheet to facilitate its use. The VB and spreadsheet are included here; the C++ code is available on request.

The testbed platform runs on Delphi versions through V5..V8. In order to run under V7 & 8, the SpinEdit controls in V5 were replaced with UpDown and Edit controls in a fashion similar to that used by Taylor in V5. The testbed now permits parallel testing of data sets using either method selected in the testbed UI.
Updated 2004-08-17
Delphi 5 Source

Delphi 5 Source, exe

Delphi 7 Source

Delphi 7 Source, exe

Delphi 8 Source

Delphi 8 Source, exe